About Us


/ demē SHēk/ adjective - smart elegance and sophistication without sacrificing comfort

  • Easy to wear fashion that is distinctive, fresh, sharp, smart, & snappy.

DemiChic Boutique was born in 2020 to inspire women to elevate the ordinary with a splash of chicness without surrendering comfort in their outfit choices. We unite elegance with basics.

It is our mission to save women time. How many of you stand in front of your closet that is slap full of clothes but you simply have nothing to wear? Been there, sis. So, we offer easy pieces that can be mixed and matched to create quick, snappy outfits that move with your lifestyle.

We offer clothing for women who love basics, but want a little something extra. At DemiChic, you will find comfy, affordable styles that are so versatile with easy transition to fit wherever life’s journey takes you today. 


DemiChic offers bold women bold clothing that exudes confidence in a classy and sassy way that encourages individuality and liveliness. We inspire our #DemiChicBombshells to find fresh ways to make conventional pieces stand out.

Our favorite ladies are #DemiChicBombshells who aren’t afraid to wear the same outfit twice just because she loves the way she feels in it. She finds a way to be distinctive and express herself through her choice of outfit everyday.

 A #DemiChicBombshell is confident in what she says, what she does, how she loves, and what she wears. She ignores society’s definition of what a woman should be. A DemiChic woman is uniquely and unapologetically herself 24/7 and feels amazingly confident in her own skin.