Meet DeAnna


  Oh Hey, DeAnna here! 

I have been a travel RN, specializing in emergency medicine, for several years now. About 10 years ago, my life was completely changed. While driving my motorcycle to work, my bike was struck by an 18-wheeler who failed to see me. Having survived what should have been a fatal accident, my perspective on life in general did a complete 180! 

I decided then, with my second chance at life, I would dedicate myself to serving others by adding value and beauty to the world in the very best way that I can. That journey of fulfillment started with the acceptance into and completion of nursing school. My nursey career started out on a cardiac floor in a local hospital and then morphed into being a highly sought-after travel ER nurse with a career that has taken me across the globe. I have had the greatest opportunities in spreading love and joy to so many people. I continue to serve as an ER/trauma travel nurse as I embark on this journey into the boutique world.

My hope is to evolve DemiChic into a movement of empowerment for women all over the world. It is my deepest belief that anyone can have exactly what they want and deserve if they just get up and work for it. I have proven this to be true time and time again in my own life. It is my goal to help others to realize the same aspirations of dreams in their own lives.

I have a special place in my heart for the achievements and abilities of women. I grew up within a culture of people that discouraged the dreams and desires of women. It breaks my soul to watch other women not have the courage or confidence in themselves to reach up and grab their dreams. I believe so whole-heartedly that a woman really can play an enormous role in her own destiny. All it takes is mind over matter, a heart of dedication, and living life unapologetically 24/7.

I love to see others achieve their dreams. I have been blessed to see several of my dreams to come true. Now, I am on a journey to reach out and grab this boutique dream and put it in my pocket!

Thank you so very much for the huge outpouring of love and support. I love taking this journey with YOU in mind.


-DeAnna Smith, RN

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